Monday, June 10, 2013

What a Whirlwind!

Wow! All I can say is that the last few weeks have been an absolute ride! We moved back from America about 3 months ago and have been trying to settle in……….I had started doing some casual teaching, I was working towards starting my new Aussie blog (this one) and things were plodding along nicely.

A week ago, I received a call from a friend saying that there was a position at her school starting next term for the rest of the year………it was for KINDERGARTEN!!! My favourite! :-) I jumped at the chance! I handed in my resume last monday…………before I even got home, I received a call asking if I could come for an interview 3 hours later. I did. I went to the interview, was home for about 15 minutes and got a call "can you teach on Wednesday as out favoured candidate"………sure. I taught on Wednesday with the infants coordinator sitting in on a lesson. 10 minutes after that lesson I was lining the kids up for sport when the principal came over and offered me the position. TO START THE NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately  the Kinder teacher had fallen ill and the kids were quite unsettled after having numerous casuals in….they needed someone to start right away to get some routine happening. I accepted. The position is for the rest of the year…..which means I'm still on the lookout for next year but it's certainly right up my alley, close to home and give us a steady income for a while :-)


There are 3 kindergarten classes…….my room is in a temporary demountable building. Next year it'll be knocked down. My room is TINY and here is the "mural" painted on the back wall……..


IMG 0485


 … case you were wondering, someone told me that its "Middle Earth" :-) I asked around and apparently it's being painted a solid colour in the school holidays (2 weeks time)………I'm not sure what solid colour but I'm sure it'll be something I can work with :-) This mural is the entire length of the back wall and half of one of the side walls………..

Anyway, I've been there a week and this is what I've done so far (please excuse the photos - the lighting is pretty bad):

IMG 0482"News" days :-)

IMG 0481Number posters….I have the numbers 1-20 on one of the top walls.

IMG 0477This school is BIG on house teams…….we have Eagles, Sharks, Lions and Rams………I'm a shark :-)

IMG 0476Our class rules. These rules come from Cara Carroll - I just changed the look of them to match the rest of my room.

IMG 0475

Our days of the week chart.

IMG 0474

Months of the year.

IMG 0467

The lighting in this one is particularly dark but if I had turned the lights on, it would have been too shiny… is the alphabet posters I made using Graphics From the Pond………I love the way they turned out :-)IMG 0465This is our little reading area with our strategies posters…..we'll be working on these over the next few weeks.

I'd really love to get some cute curtains for the windows etc but for a few reasons I probably won't………

1. I'm not sure that I'd be allowed to.

2. I'll only be here until the end of the year and so there's really no point in buying a whole heap of stuff when it's probably not going to be long term.

I have a LOT more things to get done but it's a start. I'll add more photos as I get things done.

So that's it for my very first post from my new blog :-) Welcome and stay tuned for some freebies and fun!


  1. So happy to see you back in the bloggy world! Congratulations on your teaching position! I'm sure the kids will have a blast with you! I love your classroom - the posters are adorable! :)

  2. Awe thanks, Cherie. Everything has happened so fast! I hope I'm not too rusty :-)

  3. You are a treasured addition to Australian education! If these photo's indicate some of what you achieved in one week...look out Kindergarten because you are in for the time of your lives. Congratulation's and have fun!

    Julie x
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  4. You taught me everything I know, Julie :-) hopefully we'll be teaching together again soon!

  5. Love your pics! and so glad you are blogging again!!!

  6. I just love your alphabet posters and would like to know which Graphics from the Pond sets you used. Best wishes on your newest adventures--teaching kindergarten and settling in your new home.

    1. Hi Izabel :-) I used the Alphabet super set.........I've used it for so many things.....and it's oh so cute :-)

  7. Congratulations on your position. Kindergarten is tiring but so rewarding.
    Your room looks fabulous.
    Your principal must be impressed at the great job you have done already.

    Enjoy and all the best.

    Classroom Fun

    1. Thanks Rhonda,
      I feel like I've made at least a small headway with it.....I'm looking forward to the school holidays so I get get more of a handle on things :-) Hope your class is going well so far this year!

  8. Loving this new blog already :) great to see another australian educator with a blog :) I hope that your class is coming along

  9. Hi!

    I love all your posters with the animals! Do you have these for sale on TeachersPayTeachers or another site? They would make a cute addition to my jungle-themed classroom. :)

    The Write Combo

    1. Hi there,
      Do you mean the reading posters? I don't have them in my store but maybe I could add them if that's what you're looking for...... :-)


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