Sunday, October 6, 2013

Australian Animals

Hi everyone,

I know it's been a while since my last post….. a lot has been happening for me…..mostly going back to full time teaching has been TOUGH (not the teaching part but the juggling of my three favourite little people) and getting settled in a new country :-) I have also felt very creatively squashed at the school I am currently working at……….BUT I have recently found out that I have a NEW job for next year (in January over here), teaching Kindergarten……I am too excited for words! I walked into the kinder room and was soooo happy to see some familiar things like Daily 5, Whole Brain Teaching and products from some of my favourite TPT sellers around the rooms…………I am soooooooo excited and can't wait for next year! I'm sure you'll be sick of hearing all about it until then.


For quite a few months now I have been working on some "Aussie" things………..I feel that kids around the world need to know about our beautiful and unique animals. This is what I have so far (a centre pack will follow……just waiting on some clip art to be finished)….


In this pack, you will find 16 SIMPLE crafts and facts for the following animals:
Rainbow Lorikeet
Saltwater Crocodile
Flying Fox
Frilled Neck Lizard

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Step by step instructions, patterns, 2 sets of facts (in cloze passages) and answers are included. You will find one single copy of each pattern and a class set of each piece to make it easier to copy for you.

An easy and harder Cloze passage are included for each animal… choose what suits your kids the best! Do you know what a baby Koala eats for the first six weeks of life? The answers will gross you out and is included in the fun facts your kids will learn.

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You can use the pack in the following ways:

1. Are you learning about a particular Aussie animal? Have the whole class make a page with the facts and display them.

2.Make a class book and have each student make a page and share what they found out!

3. Have each student make their own book with as many (or as few) pages as you want.

4. Make the craft and have the students write a story about that animal or find out their own fun facts!

All of the crafts were made by using colored construction paper. 

You can check it out at my TPT store BUT if you want to win one, all you need to do is follow this bog on Bloglovin' (see the side panel) and leave me a comment below. If you're super keen and want a second entry, just pin one  of the images above and leave me a comment below that you did…..easy enough….right! I'll pick a winner in about 48 hours. 

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