Friday, January 22, 2016

Ask Me Why I'm Awesome Badges


Last year I decided to try something new and use these “Ask Me Why I’m Awesome” badges. I made 12 of them and hung them in a plastic sleeve on the wall so the kids and I could easily get to. I gave them out to a few students per day for things like: Correct letter formation, trying hard at something, an awesome artwork, persistence, great number skills etc……..pretty much anything I could think of. They clip onto the kids uniforms and all day people notice them and their badge.

They were soooooooo easy to make and so effective. The kids went home with a huge grin after being stopped 20 times on the way down to the car line to be asked “So why are you so awesome?”. The kids loved to brag about themselves and the parents loved it because they know their kid is awesome and I noticed it too :-) 

At “Meet the Teacher” night I explained that when the kids brought these home, they could keep them for the night and then bring them back the next day so we could use them again. The 12 that I made at the start of the year lasted all year!

It was such a hit that other teachers at my school have started using them so I thought you might be interested too. They are so EASY to make and well worth the smiles.

I bought some packets of the circle “Hello my name is….” badges from the party store (6 pack for $2), a full sheet of sticky back paper and some Alligator clips with straps (because I didn’t want to pin the kids uniforms…….this way, I take off the pin from the alligator clip and clip the badge to the kids uniform). Simple print out the file, cut around the circle and stick onto the badge…….easy as pie! You can print onto plain paper and just glue to the badges if you wanted to make it a bit cheaper.

You can find them in my store (Click the link below). Currently I have a: Jungle, Circus, Ocean and Bug set. I will happily make other themes so if you’re after something else, please send me a question on TPT :-)

Try them - You, your kiddos and their parents will LOVE them!



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