Monday, October 14, 2013

The Pocket Dogs {Freebie}


This term we are learning all about pets! The first book we read was one of my favourites "The Pocket Dogs" by Margaret Wild.


If you have never come across it, you really should search for it. It's about two little dogs named Biff and Buff that live in the coat pockets of their owner, Mr. Pockets. One day, a little hole appears in one of the pockets and Biff falls out……..will he ever find his way back to Mr. Pockets and Buff?


After taking a bit of a book walk and talking about the pictures and what we thought would happen, we read it. The kids then choose a part of the story to draw and we made a bit of a story sequence……….


Slide02I just have to give you a close up of some of the kids drawings of the characters because they are so cute!




This one is my favourite! I LOVE his stripy middle and arms!


Then we decided on a sequence of events for the story…….


And finally a resolution {or conclusion}!


We also had a picture for Mr. Pockets sewing his pocket back together but I forgot to take a picture of it. Blow is a picture of what it looks like on our wall.


After working on this as a class, the kids worked on their own copy.


Later in the week we talked about how Biff felt when he was lost and how we {have} or might feel if WE got lost. We completed a little text to self paper.


Towards the end of the week completed a planning page for our "Dog" writing. On day 1 we talked about things we know about dogs. The children wrote these things down on their own paper.


The following day, we used our planning page to write some sentences about dogs. Even the kids that usually wouldn't write did an awesome job!



Slide14I LOVE how this cute little puppy looks like a rabbit :-) 

If you're thinking of learning about Dogs and would like to use the paper I created for us to use, you can download them HERE……………be quick though, I'm only going to leave this link up for 2 weeks so spread the word!

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