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Welcome to my blog! My name is Michelle and I'm the "Teaching Fairy".  I'm a Christian, wife, mum and (if you didn't already guess it) a TEACHER!
I knew that I wanted to be a teacher from about the age of 5.....I played "schools" (of course I was always the teacher and my sister and brothers were the students). I loved school as a kid and I love it even more as a teacher!
After finishing uni (college), I was offered a fantastic position at a school on the Central Coast of N.S.W (which is in Australia). I thought 2nd Grade for 2 years before BEGGING to go to Kindergarten. I was in LOVE :-) I stayed for four more years before moving to the U.S.A to get married. I taught Kindergarten and 1st Grade for a few years and then my husband and I decided to be "House Parents" at a residential school for disadvantaged kids. We had 12 middle school boys living with us!!! 
While I enjoyed my time of House Parenting, I never lost my passion for teaching.........it was during this time that I discovered BLOGGING!!!!! I was so inspired by others.....and there weren't too many teaching blogs out there yet......I decided to give it a go myself as I wanted to inspire as I had been inspired by so many. I started a little blog that grew and grew but as time went on, I decided that I needed to start a new blog that was specific to my passion..........inspiring others to teach and kids to learn.

A Little Q and A:

Why did you move to the USA?:

That one's easy.........and involves my brother. My brother was in India and met and American girl....they fell in love and got married in NJ.......I was at their wedding and I met my husband (who is an American)!!!! Yep, it really happens.....you really can meet someone at a wedding.....an awful lot had to fall in place (thank you God) for us to be together but it did and 2 weeks before our wedding date, I had my fiance visa and I arrived in the States.

How long did you live there?

Almost 9 years

Are you an American Citizen?


Where are you now?

We lost our job at the residential school we were working at due to having our third child.....sounds weird but if you think about it, 15 kids is just WAY too many to look after!!!!! We decided that it would be a good time to move as our oldest son was about to start Kindergarten.

Are you teaching now?

Yep........I'm going to be doing some Casual (sub) teaching for the rest of this year (2013). I plan to go back to full time teaching next school year (which in Australia is January 2014).

Do you miss America?

Yes! Weirdly enough, I was never homesick while I lived over there and only came back to visit Australia twice.......not that I don't LOVE Australia.....I do..........things I miss most are friends (of course), the REAL seasons (including SNOW), Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Aussies would turn their nose at such a thing) and the AMAZING teaching stores and supplies you can get inAmerica..........seriously, there isn't even a dollar section of Target in Australia! 
Trust me though, I WILL search for great school supplies and I will let you fellow Aussies know where  we can get the goods!

Do You have kiddos?

I've already kinda answered this but yes......we have an almost 6 year old  son (Channing), a 4 year old son  (Sullivan) and a 5 month old daughter (Hadley). They are:



and Cute :-)

Any obsessions?

Definitely.........buying children's books is top on the list (pity that I can no longer buy from Amazon as the shipping to Australia is sometimes as much as the book or MORE........these days I'm using Fishpond)...........the other is buying WAYYYYYYY too much clip art :-) 

What do you do in your free time?

Free time? Are you serious???? Maybe I'll have some of that when my kiddos are a little older :-) Right now, I'm blogging and creating materials when my kiddos go to bed for the night and in the wee hours of the morning.

Has anything strange ever happened to you?

Ha! ........Yes! Strange things seems to follow me...........The weirdest one being that I awoke on my honeymoon in Hawaii to discover that someone we didn't know had broken into our condo and was asleep on the couch! My hubby didn't believe me at first but he went to check it out, locked us in our room and we called the cops............it ended up that the guy was the head of maintenance - he'd apparently had a fight with his girlfriend, had a little too much to drink and thought he'd crash in an "empty" apartment!!!! 

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