Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monet {What's Hanging Up Wednesday}


Last term, we studied colour and Monet. The kids did a fabulous job and I felt they learned a lot.

The first week, we looked at colour mixing……you really can't go past "Mouse Paint" to get the kids thinking about it.


We also watched this great video about colour mixing.



Then the kids got to mix their own colours to make a colour wheel.Slide1

Since we were also learning about the farm, for the next two weeks we studied warm and cool colours with the book "A Year on Our Farm" by Penny Matthews and Andrew McLean. There are TONS of pictures using warm and cool colours to look at.


We experimented with our own colour mixing and made these warm and cool colour trees {it took us 2 lessons to do these}.


I LOVED the colours they chose!


After that, we began our study of Monet. We looked at his "Haystack" series and painted {with watercolour} a cool and warm rendition of his paintings.

We also spent a bit of time learning about impressionism and read these two {awesome} books about Monet:




We tried to recreate Monet's Waterlily pond {this also took us 2 lessons}.



It was quite a busy term with Father's Day Art (will post about this later) and open day taking up a few weeks…….so we spent the last few lessons looking at the various flower paintings Monet did. Then we had a go at drawing our own.




That's what we had hanging up last term……….how about you?

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